Students Who Write

Have you decided to write it on your own? Here we have prepared some interesting advice for you.

In obtaining a scientific degree, it is significant how correctly and competently the text of your dissertation is written. It is well known that writing a dissertation is very difficult. The dissertation is a serious analytical work which requires a lot of time and efforts. Most often, this work includes a complete study of some particular object with the help of different techniques and theories. The author must select an important scientific topic and try to look at it from a different angle.

In this article, we will try to give you some good advice on how to write the dissertation. Below we will describe in brief the main points to take into account during your preparation and defense of a dissertation.

Where to Begin?

While starting work on your dissertation, you should not start with its introduction immediately. Introduction to the dissertation is the most important part of the text, in which all the accomplishments of the work should be reflected. The main part of the work should take at least 70% of its total size. It is divided into chapters and paragraphs, according to the logical structure of the presentation. A masters’ dissertation can have 2 or 3 chapters, a Ph.D. dissertation can have 4 or more. Each of the chapters should have at least 2 paragraphs. It is desirable to make the heads (and the paragraphs) approximately equal in size.

Scientific Dissertation

It is a very laborious activity that takes a lot of time. Writing a scientific paper requires regular and hard work. It could be even better to entrust the writing of dissertation to professionals who know exactly how and where to find necessary sources of information, who know how to work on the received information and can help you to present a research topic appropriately.

Choice of a Supervisor

Here is some advice: never choose supervisors who do not have time to deal with you. It is necessary to choose the supervisors who have time, opportunity and interest in you and your work.

Choice of Tasks

It must be clearly defined what is given and what you are going to get. What is more, this part should contain commonly known ways. For example, you can analyze the data by using linear regression. Or if you have a model that describes the behavior of the participants, you need to find the first-order conditions of this behavior.

Choice of the Problem

Stack of Books

Every dissertation needs some intellectual and physical resources. Do not waste your time in narrow realms that are interesting to nobody. You cannot spend time on the dissertation which will become outdated sooner than you can defend it; you cannot spend time on the dissertation, which will be just put on the shelf and forgotten in six months. Always try to choose the right balance of work and the importance of the effort. Any dissertation is worth the effort.

Structure of the Dissertation

Start with the title. Can you come up with the title of your dissertation without researching the topic? We think that this exercise is not easy for most of the beginners. The title should reflect what you write in the dissertation. Remember that you cannot start a dissertation with the word “research” because every dissertation is a research. The title should be creative and interesting. Take your time and write something inspirational.


Firstly, the commission read the abstract. Then they read the introduction, conclusion, and afterwards, they proceed with reading the main part. So, the abstract and introduction should be very clear and well-structured. There should be a clear and brief description of what you have done.


It typically takes 5-6 pages which must be submitted to:

-the relevance;

-the aim and problems of the research;

-the object and subject of study;

-the conjectures and main idea of the work;

-the methods;

-the scientific novelty;

-the scientific position for the defense and its reliability;

-the practical (economic, social) significance of the results;

-the publications of the author on the subject of the dissertation.

It should again be noted that all the characteristics of the work should be associated with the topic of the work, and with one another.


There are several design styles for the bibliography. The most convenient style is Harvard system: you write in the text: this result was obtained in 1997, and in the list of references, you make a list in the alphabetical order. It is very convenient because it allows adding any new link at any time. There is a system in which numbers are written in the square brackets.


The synopsis repeats the dissertation structure, but it should be shorter.

How to Write the Text

The author must:

-say what they want to research,

-search for the right word,

-avoid unnecessary facts,

-emphasize the important details,

-write without grammatical errors,

-write in a simple and understandable language.

Opponents and the Leading Organization

Usually, the supervisor advises you to choose an opponent. However, if you were quite active and attended conferences while writing the work, you already know and can name some opponents to with your supervisor.

Defense of the Dissertation

Typically, during the defense of the dissertation, you are given 20 minutes. It is better to cope with your presentation in 16-17 minutes. We recommend you reading your work aloud while preparing your presentation. It helps to structure the text. Repeat your presentation not less than 5-7 times.

Funny Tips That Can Help You

  1. Do not write long. The dissertation is not War and Peace, and you are not Leo Tolstoy.
  2. Do not write briefly. This shows a great talent or the poverty of the mind. But opponents will not forgive both.
  3. Comply the measure in the selection of literature “for” and “against.” When the paper for getting your degree has many “against” here is a question about the rightness of your opinions. If your literature has only “for,” it is not clear, what is your merit.
  4. Do not become presumptuous. Avoid personal pronouns. Replace “I believe” with “apparently, it can be considered.”
  5. Check the quality of the dissertation with your parents and colleagues. Listeners should not involuntarily yawn and sleep if it is a normal paper for getting a degree. You need to rewrite paragraphs, which cause convulsions of laughter or an oppressive feeling of anxiety.
  6. Your opponent is the central figure on the defense.
  7. The optimal opponent must have a general idea of your topic, but they should not be specialists in it.
  8. Behave decently. Do not clean your ears, do not wave with the pointer over the people sitting on the podium, do not drink more than one glass of water, do not cry, and do not blow your nose.
  9. If the report is written, read it. A mumbling candidate appalls listeners. Try not to talk monotonously.
  10. Thank the audience in the end.
  11. Do not forget about the banquet after successful defense of your dissertation.

We hope that this article is helpful for you. The main reasons why people write dissertations are connected with the wish to obtain a better position and salary or to satisfy their own ambitions. If you want to work in some scientific institute or hold senior positions in universities and academies, it is very likely that you will have to write a scientific work. We wish you luck.