The previous time we have discussed some opinions on writing a psychological essay about the inner power. This time we will talk about another important issue on Psychology: the feeling of anxiety. Many of the readers might relate not only to your own investigations and experience but also to methods and approaches that will help them to solve their psychological issue. Sometimes we experience mixed feelings. It seems that everything around is in a certain order: our work, home, personal life. However, something is gnawing inside, does not giving us a proper rest, and draws attention to the problems of the inner world. The science of psychology describes it as an “inexplicable feeling.” It has been well-studied and is called “a feeling of anxiety” or simply “anxiety.” Often panic overtakes even strong and socially successful people who have a tendency to keep their joy, resentment, anger. Suddenly occurring anxiety and panic spoil a person’s life and require a mandatory correction. How to prepare an essay analyzing such human’s problem and give several ways of solving it? Read what we have prepared for you below! To learn more – click here.

The Sources

Where the causeless anxiety comes from? A person may be born with a predisposition to an increased anxiety. As a result of improper upbringing, frequent stress, and general adverse situation in life, the person begins to worry more and more easily, stressing themselves out of the psychological balance. We should also mention the so-called “inadequate” anxiety that is not based on objective external premises. It is expressed in the spontaneous feeling of helplessness, confusion, and fear of the future events. Thus, it is impossible to find the source of fear: no external circumstances recently, did not contribute to increasing the level of anxiety, but it nevertheless is. The conclusion of this information for you is that you need to start your essay with advising to look for the root of the problem at first. It all lays in the unconsciousness of a person.

The Reasons

You should know that anxiety is inadequate – it is always a symptom of mental disorder,  neurosis, as well as the means and mechanism by which the disorder develops. Anxiety arises whenever something meaningful is under a threat for the unconscious mind and the person themselves. In the process of personality development, value or significance of a thing can be anything you want; they appear several times during the lifespan and undergo modifications. It is not necessary to be afraid or to be ready for change. However, not everyone can boast of having a flexible nature. In this case, the person will cling to outdated values, and life situation will become odder with the unconscious attitudes. Such processes are destructive to psychological balance, because they cause powerful waves of anxiety. Tell the reader some strong sentences, so they would realize you are understanding the problem: “If you are anxious now, do not worry. This is a signal for the need of the change. Moreover, if you are able to take into account this signal, your life will change for the better soon.”

How It Appears

After you have described the background of anxiety, go to the concrete examples. How does it show up and how does it feel? It can be localized in the chest, or be diffused throughout the body; it may be a feeling of “lump in the throat” or a fever, but it is worth remembering that these somatic manifestations of mental ailments are not a threat to life or health, although they may frighten. Experiences show that constant anxiety has a place if the person often complains about tiredness and lack of moral and physical strength. It is a feeling either spontaneously or in connection with certain events or even at certain times of the day. Bearing in mind that there is always a sense of anxiety you create a psychological reason of why it exists. We can establish the likely source of the “unexplained” anxiety through introspection.

The Examples


Of course, the essay should be filled with theoretical foundation, explaining how the chosen psychological issue works out for the reader, how it influences his lifestyle and mental health. Although, examples and personal information is a part of you written piece too. Give some brief outlooks on situations you have heard about or got involved in by yourself. Show the resistance towards stress you had; demonstrate how such resistance would help you on several occasions. Be ready to make some kind of conclusions out of these life situations, showing that they are a helpful tool for understanding this particular topic.

How to Stop It


Summing up your essay, be sure to specify the way how to solve the problem. Readers acquainted with your view of the problem and reading certain psychological postulates still need your decision and personal experience. If the anxiety attack has happened, return the stable state with the help of breathing, which in this case is a very powerful tool. The fact is that with the emergence of anxiety and fear, breathing becomes shallow and frequent. The respiratory system is closely related endocrine and cardiovascular system, and therefore it leads to changes in the other two. The slow, deep, abdominal breathing corresponds to a calm, emotionally stable state. This would reduce the frequency of the heart rate, the balance of the endocrine system. Deep abdominal breathing is responsible for relaxation of the system. Suggest thinking about the person’s loved ones, his calming memories from childhood. So, while summarizing, tell that though anxiety is the cause of psychological research, yet there is a way to overcome it. Be honest with the reader, base your writing on the facts, and this essay will impress your reader.