Finding a Joy

Last time we have discussed some opinions on writing a psychological essay about the conflict. This time we will talk about having an inner strength as psychological issue. To achieve success and overcome difficult circumstances, a person must have an inner strength. Often under the pressure of problems, negative thoughts, and other troubles, our inner strength runs out, and we feel weak and helpless in the face of difficulties. How to deal with it and find greater inner strength? How to write about it using not only your own experience but also psychological studies as the foundation? Let’s look at tips that will help in this type of writing. To learn more, please, go here!

Look at the Background

We do not know who we are, and why we are here, we can only suppose. We should see that for our survival in this world, we have the most appropriate qualities. However, in the social environment, we are having the feelings of humility, obedience, fear, so that it is deposited at the genetic level. Thus, our inner strength is suppressed for many generations. The word “impossible” is just for people with suppressed psyche. Ancient rituals, shamanic rituals, all of it were aimed at the mind training. North American Indians, could be finally destroyed only when people destroyed all their shamans. This made shamans warriors invincible, they pumped their psyche that they were not afraid of anything, and if a person is not afraid of anything, it is impossible not to win.

Under Control

Gain control over your emotions. Each of them carries the energy charge, and it depends only on how you redirect it. Therefore, do not put yourself in the emotions, and learn how to adjust their energy, and direct it to the point where it is needed. Such complex emotions like anger, irritation, and resentment have a destructive potential, and should be directed neither within you nor towards others. Emotions of joy, delight, admiration and happiness have a creative energy, so help release your creativity. Remember that emotions control begins with awareness. Strong people know how to act in spite of fear. This ability can be acquired by everyone! If you start with the little things, you will soon develop it as a habit. This does not mean that you will no longer feel the fear: it is impossible. The random emotion just will not be the dominant sense of yours, and would be a good counselor, which will save you from dangers and mistakes. That is the first thing you should describe in your essay. Make a list of things that influence your inner health and start describing them one by one. We suggest making a start from the emotional level!

Be Positive

Yes, be positive in your writing! The ability to draw strength from its internal resources is also associated with positive thinking and optimistic lifestyle. If a person believes that everything will be fine, power sources for coping with negative are opened automatically. If their faith is set up to fail, then there is no energy to release, and the right mood does not take place here. Negative thinking creates apathy and inaction. You may have heard about the so-called second breath. When an athlete is incredibly close to the finish, and feels that his strength is leaving him, he continues to move despite the pain and the lack of energy. Due to the fact that he does not stop, a new source of power appears. Also, you should have the same principle in all spheres of our lives. In the most difficult moments, when you absolutely have no strength or energy to think positively, it is important to not stop and continue the relentless forward motion. If you start to practice perseverance, in spite of your feelings, you will see what you can do. Inner strength is present in every person, and it is only your decision to continue the path, to open up the backup sources. If you decide to give up, no opportunities can be opened. Show this in your essay! Make the reader feel empowered, convince him with your arguments that the existence of inner strengths depends only on him.

You Decide

Right to Decide

One of the manifestations of inner strength is a willful decision. Some time ago, scientists have put forward the theory that willpower tends to dwindle if you frequently use it. One of the main enemies of an inner strength is a delay. Procrastination is chronically delaying the case and the decision for later. As a result, you feel weak and helpless. Procrastination leads to burning out of our inner strength, neutralizing the energy that it carries. Resist the urge to postpone everything until Monday or best times. After you have described in your essay which feeling and emotions have impacted your inner strengths, analyze dos and don’ts for the reader to develop such feature and solve this psychological issue. Understand the energy of interaction with people and help extricate itself from those who deplete your reserves of strength! Energy vampires and manipulators – these are the people who are able to quietly rob your energy. In dealing with such people, it is better to keep a distance and apply stiffness.

Stressful Experience

The level of your stress defines your inner power. Situations that do not break down allow you to become stronger. Therefore, developing a personal resistance to stress and its effects is automatically filled with positive force. While writing about inner strength, you may complete your essay with some personal stories that dragged you down and did not allow you to grow in your spiritual development. In such way, by giving examples to the reader, you can create an atmosphere of trust, teaching people on your own mistakes.



After you have done a deep analysis, conclude your essay with some bright point that sums all your ideas up. Do not forget to check the structure. You should mention which feelings influence this particular issue, how to take under control inappropriate situation and provide your personal experience as the example. Avoid chaotic order of paragraphs, remember that every opinion should have a scientific background. It is not only about your thoughts, but also about others’ experience, their attitude and investigations. Make it a small research, using all the potential you have inside.