Conflict Situation

Last time we have discussed writing a research paper on psychology in general. However, this time we will pay more attention to the concrete topic such as phenomena of conflict in a human’s life. To understand any conflict, we do not usually write about it. We think over it again and again, but maybe it would be more effective if we had just put all of our thoughts on paper? What is the conflict and how to write about it in your essay? Discover ways of outlining it as a psychological issue, using examples from your own experience. An absence of contention in stories is a typical blunder among starting essayists. So we will tell how to avoid some typical mistakes. To learn more, please, go here!

Understand the Reason

It happens when one individual is getting to be distinctly unconcerned with what the other individual thinks or is doing, and considers it as something incorrect. The plan (structure) of any contention is very typical and ordinary. In this way, above all else, it presupposes the presence of a contention of subjects – members of the conflict. They are typically called opponents. They are constantly solid individuals, in spite of the fact that in this argument they are presented as the agents of particular gatherings, and other social groups and even whole countries. Each rival in this contention has a specific rank. There are likewise methods for being misjudged, not just if the rival was sincerely mixed up about what he really supported in the contention, yet the individual may regularly intentionally disguise their own particular objectives. Always be clear with your intentions and do not miss the opportunity that you or your opponent might be not right in this particular conflict.

How to Realize?

Have a feeling of respect towards yourself. It is very useful to give at least a narrow understanding: why do you want to achieve some thought-change in your opponent’s mind by entering into a particular conflict? If such self-examination is the reason, it’s easy to make a mistake in choosing a course of conduct, in determining the means and methods of achieving the goal. Actions of each opponent have a specific motivation, which is based on their needs, interests, values and moral orientations. That’s why if you start writing about this in your essay, start from your inner motivation, from what has pushed you to do that. For different people the importance and value of the same things are different. Money, for example, for one can be means of solving everyday problems, and for another person is can be a life goal. You should have clear emotions and thoughts about things you defend, giving several reasons why it’s important to you. With this type of sentences, you will create an introduction to your text.

Find a Role

Conflict Roles

Opponents take part in various conflicts also in the sense that one of them is, as a rule, the initiator, the other – the culprit, the third – the victim, etc. During the conflict, these roles are not always noticeable. Everything falls into place, as they say, after the fact. However, during the development of the conflict situation, the roles are easy to recognize. Here, however, we should not jump to conclusions, as some, in the truest sense of this word, are just playing. Distinguish between the game and the natural behavior – it means to have an extra chance of success in dealing with business issues. Describing such situation in your essay, give particular role to every opponent that is involved in the conflict.

Define the Object

Conflict Foundation

The core of any conflict is always an object. It can be a material object, a thing, and can be simply an abstraction, an idea. An example of the latter may be conflicts “for the sake of justice” because of some kind of principle – say, “for the sake of principle” conflict is not about breathtaking occasions or difficult feelings. Good conflict is about values. In your essay, you should clarify which value created the argument, how both sides see it, what the difference is and why it occurred.

Give Arguments

Searching for Arguments

After you have given certain information about opponents, object and the reasons of the conflict, it’s time to develop the main body, giving a constructive idea how each point of mind is defended. Be as objective as it is possible, so the reader could be involved in the action development. Do no overload your essay with a lot of information; give brief sentences that support your idea and idea of the opponents the best. The text should be structured well, so the reader would not lose himself in the flow of random arguments and unfounded opinions. If you are writing about an inner conflict, always describe the situation why it has appeared in the human’s mind, whether society, people around or himself should be to blame.



What to do after you have written the whole essay body? Should you give a certain conclusion? We are giving two options for you. The first one is for those, who certainly know how the conflict has ended. One of the opponents had a killing argument, which made his position more relevant in particular situation, so you conclude with pointing it out. Do not retell your arguments or reasons of conflicts again: this will not be helpful. Make a strong sentence concerning the reason of why particular side ended as a winner of the battle. The second one is to leave it for the reader to decide. If you are not sure which opponent’s position had more of rightness, then leave it to the reader, ending it with some type of rhetorical question.