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Ahmed Rawahi an Omani citizen and David Woolls a British citizen have known each other for more than a decade through the banking and finance industry.
David has worked with teachers for many years looking after their offshore investments. Whilst meeting teachers all over the world and listening to the problems teachers have with job fairs, school politics, the packages offered etc felt the need to put together a web site which would be exclusive to expatriate teachers and potential expatriate teachers all over the world.


To provide a platform where information sharing will give inside information of where to apply for a position, in which school, in which Country, with the best employment packages available.


To provide a service whereby expatriate teachers can share their experiences good and bad whilst helping other potential expatriate teachers in choosing where to apply for a position and where to avoid.


Teacher Clique is all about connecting and uniting teachers worldwide and making their ex- patriated lives a better experience. By joining us in this venture we hope to enlighten teachers that are thinking or considered going abroad to teach.
We hope to help by connecting you to your opposite numbers throughout the globe.
These connections will make it easier to choose where to work, Which Country to work in or apply for a position by sharing information between recruiters and potential employees along with Interviewing on site using our VOIP.
We hope to make your transition to offshore employment as stress free and easy as possible by cutting out the costly mistakes that are made when applying for a position through job fairs or companies that promise to find you a position by joining them and paying membership fees.

By joining us you will be able to determine which school you would aim to work at before spending large amounts of money travelling to recruiters via job fairs around the planet.

Your CV can be on the recruiters’ desk and you can stay in touch through as to the progress of your application.

By joining us you will find which country is best to work in. Through feed back of other experienced expatriate teachers.

It is our aim to give you knowledge of the politics in a school through the sharing of information.

Determine the pro’s and con’s of a school, the climate, the salary, the personal development programs, the life style etc.

Who pays the highest salary, what is it like to live in a compound in the Middle East?

Is salary everything if you are living with high levels of pollution?

How many faculty children will the school allow before charging for their education?

Where is your dream place to be teaching at?

Where would you teach if it were your first application all over again?

Is housing free and allocated or do you receive housing allowance?

What is the turnover of staff, if it is high each year, then ask yourself why?

Are exam results politically and financially driven?

How long does it take to travel back and forth to school each day?

These are just some questions that can be answered by joining TeacherClique.