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Whether you want it or not, but study is still an integral part of your whole life. Despite the slightly bitter truth in that old stale anecdote about the vicious circle of studying, learning and forgetting things you learnt, it is quite difficult to disregard the importance of study in general and education in particular. If we got into philosophy for a while, we could also say that actually we are all students and our school is life.

However, let’s put philosophy aside now and think about more practical issues. It is certainly easier to be an armchair general and talk about how challenging it is to be a student of life. But we are here to find out what it means to be a real student of a real school or college, how to survive your study with its essay writing and even how to enjoy it all. We want to inspire you and help you become a happy and successful student!

So, here is how you can do this with our education and entertainment blog!

Learn More About Academic Writing in Theory and Practice

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You definitely receive lots of writing assignments for every day of your study. That is to say nothing of more sweeping projects like a term paper or thesis, which require more time and research. So, you know perfectly that all these assignments must be completed according to particular academic writing standards or rules, to put it simply. At the same time, the curious thing about most of these standards is that sometimes they seem too far from reality, and need some extra research and explanations. Besides, it is quite nice when these explanations are illustrated by good examples.

This is what we generally stand for! We strive to provide our readers not only with the theory which would be interesting to learn as well as helpful to apply. We are going to accompany it with live examples of how you should plan, structure and write your texts, so that they meet all requirements and deserve the highest grades.

Discover Fresh Writing Ideas on Different Topics

There is no doubt that outlining and structuring, introducing and concluding, and so on, are very essential issues in the writing process. However, it proves rather impossible to write anything unless you know what you are writing about. It means that you need original and probably even ambiguous ideas to make your papers look outstanding in every sense of this word.

As in the blog we are going to focus on the following three subjects, let’s have a quick look through the most remarkable issues about them.

  • Psychology: many articles are dedicated to the key aspects of this science in the modern world. So, if you need to write an essay on some psychological topic, you are welcome to look for the fresh ideas and ways to bring them into life right here, on our blog.
  • Philosophy: the variety of really worthwhile and unhackneyed philosophical topics to discuss in your papers will surprise you. What is more, we are going to throw out to you some useful tips on how to deal with each of them.
  • History: a river, a pathway, a stream – whatever you associate history with – will be good metaphors to use in your essays. Find more ideas and topics on our blog to craft a unique paper for your history class.

Catch the Best Education Materials

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So, when you have decided on the topic and made out the key requirements for writing, you do need reliable informative sources to build you work on. We all were students and we know how it is to search for the required number of really smart and respectable references. That is why we have tried to select the most useful and helpful resources which could stand you in a good stead. In our collection you will find mainly the materials on philosophy, psychology and history, as well as on other fields of science.

Search for the Hottest Education News

The pace of our life is becoming faster. So many changes are happening around us that it gets more difficult to follow all of them at a time. But it is still vitally important to stay abreast of the latest news and know what may be waiting for you in the near future.

Taking this fact into account, we are monitoring the most significant education news in order to provide our readers with the freshest information about what is going on in this sphere around the globe today. You see, being a student is not only about poring over homework. By default your status offers you incredible opportunities to grow and develop your personality by choosing and trying different things!

You are always welcome to follow our blog on and stay updated! Thank you for vising us!